Night Before BCG #2 - July 9, 2008

The week has been blissfully free from side effects in the toilet. Urine is clear as a bell. In addition there's been a slowly growing burning sensation in the bladder, and the effective capacity is diminished. The urge to pee has kicked in progressively sooner, and tonight I have been going about every half hour. If the catheterization is smooth (non-traumatic = no bleeding according to Doctor Hopkins), I predict there will be some side effects from BCG Treatment #2. Since last time was a breeze, I don't have nearly the same trepidation level. I half promised to do a telecon on Friday for work, so I'm thinking now I can deal with whatever may come. The designated bathroom is ready, and tomorrow we shall see what we shall see. I've been practicing grunts, groans, moans, and swear words just in case!


TKO said...

Remember other languages have some wonderful 'colorful' words, too!

Steve Kelley said...

Did we learn any bad words in Turkey? I remember how to say hello and order beers, but that's about it!