Mini Medical Update - June 20 - July 2, 2008

As I reported earlier, June was free from cancer medical treatments. But I did have to get my first root canal, and though I reported it to be 98%, the situation declined. I had been given penicillin to take, but forgot it on my trip to Virginia. Just before the Taos trip, I decided to take the rest of it, as the tooth pain had increased and the little sore, now surely a draining fistula, was much worse. I am also taking allopurinol for gout and the fiber-rich Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) to trap any free cancer cells to keep them from grouping and taking root. The MCP says it could interfere with drugs and should be taken at least 2 hours apart from drugs and an hour away from eating. The penicillin was also best on an empty stomach. I followed the schedule religiously and found no improvement at all. After a few days, I phoned the dentist, who renewed my prescription. I was able to get it filled in Taos and covered by insurance. Cost me 97 cents. After another day of no progress, I discontinued the MCP - just in case. The results were dramatic. Huge improvement the next day, and incremental improvements thereafter. I took the last of the penicillin on July 1, and visited the dentist for a cleaning and checkup on July 2. He pronounced me healed and good to go.

This is very interesting. The MCP is supposed to chelate (envelop) free cancer cells and other abnormal cells, preventing them from doing much until they are eliminated by natural processes. The fact that it was able to chelate the much smaller penicillin molecule is amazing, and testimony to the efficacy of the MCP. It will not kill or cure cancer, but the claims that it could prevent its spread appear to be borne out by my experience. Amazing! Data on MCP can be found in the "Useful Links" section of the column at the left.

In other news, the BCG treatments begin at 10:45 AM tomorrow. I have read up on them and will post what might be expected based on another's experience. But there's no guarantee that my results will be similar, even though he is the same age and has the same staging. Side effects range from not much at all to being flat on your back for an entire week after each treatment. I'm hoping for the best, but truth be told, I am far from being mentally prepared. Will spend the morning doing breathing exercises, and I acquired two sets of stress balls to squeeze during the procedure. My wife will drive me there and back, and she wants to witness the process - from a distance. I feel great today, but tomorrow that all ends. Even though BCG is the best of all possible paths, going through it won't be fun. Sure, it's not as bad as radiation or chemo, but that doesn't make it fun. I hope my attitude will improve and calm will kick in after a night's sleep and some deep breathing exercises.

Stay tuned for what might be expected, and some early updates. Hopefully tomorrow!

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