Maybe Someday - January 18, 2013

 Maybe someday is when I will get around to my next substantive blog posting.  I already know the topic - diet and urine alkalinity.  I have collected a lot of data and so far it's suggestive, but not conclusive.  Apparently other factors affect the acidity of urine in the bladder.  Trying to separate the signal from the noise.  Not succeeding.  At least we have had consistently good news from our "fraternity members" with no cancer detected for Brian S. in Atlanta on January 16, Steven S. in Tennessee on December 13 and Roy B. in Alabama on December 13. Next up is Ben F. (aka Mobile Biohazard Man) in Louisiana on January 31. 

One thing I can report right now is the original premise from John M. and Julie T. is fully validated. A teaspoon of baking soda in 4-8oz of water will turn your urine alkaline (regardless of diet) for up to 18 hours. While this works, it's a bit hard to swallow (literally), and I am unsure of the long-term effects of so much sodium intake. Better than bladder cancer, maybe!

In other news, I no longer resemble the fat dude in the Ferrari in the blog header photo above.  I have lost 40+ pounds and kept it off.  I'd like to lose 30-40 more, but not happening so far.  Less hair now, too.  Anybody want to lend me their Ferrari for a new photo?  (Undying thanks to the original car provider and photographer, New Age Guy!)