BCG Round 2 Post-Mortem - July 11-14, 2008

No real side effects to speak of. There was some general lethargy and brain fuzziness, plus some non-specific discomfort (almost but not quite a burning sensation in the bladder & lower abdomen). Urine is clear and free from blood and debris. The symptoms were identical to Round 1, but a bit stronger. I was able to do the work teleconference on Friday, and considered doing some other work from home. After contemplating a blank screen for an hour, I decided that any work I produced would need to be checked on Monday. So I grabbed some reading material and went to bed, alternating between snoozing and reading for the balance of Friday. I had something that was not quite a headache Friday-Sunday. It finally became a headache Sunday night and was easily handled with aspirin. If anything, the side effects are identical to an allergy episode. Most of Saturday and Sunday there was also a mini-flareup of gout in my left foot, so that may be an advance of the joint pain issues that had been forecast, or not. I don't feel too awful, and I'm hyper-sensitive to any weird feelings, so it's hard to divorce perception from reality. Suffice it to say that it's all no big deal, except for the lethargy and brain fuzz the first couple of days. And a random bladder spasm every once in a while.

Still felt foggy on Saturday, but was able to do some work on
church stuff that morning and felt very productive. I am the new chair of the Future Facility Committee, and I had to get a lot of background and research done and properly organized. The summer weather in Utah is gorgeous, and I really felt that getting out of the house would help things. So after lunch we took a long drive down East Canyon and Emigration Canyon into Salt Lake City. Stopped at the Buddhist temple for a snack and a beer - a friend from work had invited us to their annual Obon Festival. It was much warmer in the city than the mountains, so we did not stay too long. Ultimately retreated to an air-conditioned Italian restaurant for salad, pizza, and three bottles of wine. All in all a good day. You can read the review HERE.

Sunday was near normal, with perfect weather again. Went to
church, washed the bike (still filthy from the Taos adventure), and hosted an itinerant biker on his way from Minnesota to California to visit family. Back to work as usual on Monday, for another busy 3-day week before Round 3 on Thursday. The next two rounds are where we can expect to see more dramatic side effects, so stay tuned!

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