BCG Round 4 - July 23, 2008

The instillation process (described on the Instillation Page - 2/10 on the gross-out scale) was the easiest to date. Substituting for Dr. Hopkins was P.A. Liz who did a commendable job with a minimum of awkwardness or discomfort for both of us. I talked to her a bit and was quickly able to establish that she was more careful and knowledgeable than the evil Regan. She had even read my chart in advance and was familiar with my case, knowing exactly what was due that day and what medications I was taking and why. Imagine that! She said she would send this week's urine sample to the lab to see if the ancillary infection had cleared up. After the instillation I asked how the Doctors were assigned PA assistance when they were absent, and she told me it was whoever was convenient, unless the patient specifically requested someone. So I asked the front desk to note in my chart to use Liz and not Regan. They said that I can ask for whomever when I call, but they would not so note the chart. So I will ask Dr. Hopkins next week if he can make that happen.

Last week the first side effect (discoloration = blood in urine) didn't appear until 3PM and clots at 5PM. This week there was some discoloration (but no visible blood) in at 3:30 PM and o
ne medium sized bright red clot at 4:50 and two more tiny ones at 6:15. Clearly I am overachieving on the hydration, and I suspect I will need to continue (at a lesser pace) tonight and tomorrow! So far, better than last week! Bathroom Diary details may be found on the instillation page.

Side effects can certainly continue for a 1-3 days after instillation day, so let's hope for the best that we're all done for this go-round...

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