4th BCG Maintenance Series #1 of 3 - March 12, 2010

Biohazard Man is back, and his amazing superpowers are as inconsistent as ever! I think my system was in better condition for this BCG than it ever has been in the past. And while I was prepared for some mild side-effects, I was not prepared for essentially nothing. That's right - pretty much nothing in the way of side effects! But don't worry, there is definitely BCG in the system, and I do feel it, but dealing with it (other than the sheer drudgery) was pretty easy. We arrived at the doctor's office just before my 10:15 AM appointment and were promptly showed to the exam room by Gloria, our favorite nurse's assistant. We were happy to hear that Gloria will soon begin an internship with the Salt Lake City police in their crime lab - a big step towards a career in CSI.

Urine was checked, room and equipment made ready, and BCG mixed to 1/3 of a dose by 10:30. The doc was in and out a few minutes later, and we were driving home by 10:45. I had decided to ramp down the massive hydration a bit, limiting myself to about a quart per hour. This plan seemed to work well, and the special handling period was able to begin right on time at 12:45. Continuing the moderate hydration pace, I was able to reduce the trips to the toilet and increase the volume each time - perhaps a good thing to exercise the abused bladder? I expected the normal side effects to kick in about 3 hours after that, but was pleasantly surprised. After 7PM the special handling period was over. One lesson I have to keep re-learning is that just because the biohazard time is over, that does not mean the hydration time is over. One uncomfy visit to the toilet later I was back on my one quart per hour through the evening.

One thing that I noticed in my BCG series last September, the famous "flu-like" side effects have begun to appear. Prior to last time I was exhausted the next day, and my brain was fuzzy - so work of any importance was not an option. But last time it was like a full blown flu. Body aches, head aches, chills, the whole lot. Gone within 18 hours. I decided this time to add these symptoms to my "pee by pee" diary. So while the urinary symptoms were very minor, the flu-like symptoms did appear in the form of a dizzying headache at 10PM last night. Two extra strength acetaminophen tablets dispatched most of it within half an hour. But by 11PM some minor body aches were starting. I just went to bed and slept OK, rising three times to urinate at midnight, 2AM, and 5:30. Got up this morning at 7:30 and was quite surprised to feel like I have a minor hangover. And I promise I did not touch a drop - haven't for days! Fortunately I have enough experience in such matters to simply ignore it. No further drugs or other treatments.

And if you were wondering, the biohazard pee is NOT REALLY pink. Nor should it be used for melting snow! But it does help recovery (for those of us who are properly equipped) to return to the standing position after the toxic handling period is completed!

Since the symptoms were so mild, I changed my practice of hiding them in a backup page (this time). No stomach churning details, and that is a good thing! Check it out in the grid below, after clicking to enlarge it to readability...

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A Dived Ref said...

Glad that it was mild this time. Is Bio-Hazard man losing his famed super powers? We will have to wait and see what numbers 2 and 3 bring no doubt. Very pleased you had a low reaction this time. Have a great weekend. David