BCG Again - September 9, 2009

Tomorrow is BCG day. Oh Joy - NOT!!! But really this is the best outcome with bladder cancer. No recurrence (so far) and continued treatments. As David F. in England always says, BCG may be awful, but not nearly so awful as chemo, radiation, or radical surgery. So no cause for whining here. I did have to get mentally prepared. Since it's been six months, I had to refresh myself as to the preparations necessary. So I took a peek at my BCG Prep page. Definitely overkill, but there is security to be found in being ready for any contingency. Had to stock up on rubber gloves and "tightie whites" - both to be viewed as disposable. Other stuff all checked out and ready for now.

It's been a good quarter for my fellow-bc fraternity members. David F. in England, Robert S. in New York, Howard F. from Florida, HK from Toronto all came up clear and are continuing treatments of some sort. And a new reader, Mike, begins his first BCGs next Tuesday. To one and all I say, force fluids and pee freely! Even if it hurts.

Only sad news is that HK will have to discontinue his BCGs. They were always horrible for him, and even reduced dosage was not tolerable. Last time a couple of weeks ago, at 50% dose, he got Epididymitis, and was told it was a side effect of BCG. If you follow the link here, you will see that it is more likely that his condition was caused by poor techniques in surgery or catheterization as it was to be caused by the BCG. He was told they would have to try something else, so we shall see what these Canadian docs come up with.

In the mean time, I shall embrace my discomfort with a good attitude and boldly go forward to the land of BCG, where I shall again become Biohazard Man!

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TK said...

You're right - a great example that "one can get used to anything." This is also a great example of how humor and documentation helps.

Fight on Biohazard man!