Truly Inspirational Story - January 15, 2009

A co-worker who has no idea that I'm battling cancer sent me a link with the following note: "This video may change how you think about your day and maybe even your life." I have only one week now until Judgment Day #2. Will the cancer be back or will it not? While I have done most everything I can think of - BCG, diet, exercise, vitamins, positive attitude, and magic powder from the internet (PectaSol MCP), there's still a fair chance that the cancer might have started to wage a comeback in the past 3 months. While I hope that's NOT the case, the outcome is truly in God's hands. And given the circumstances of others with cancer, worse diseases, or even more unimaginable difficulties, I have no room to complain of the outcome in either event. Best case for me is 3 more BCGs, worst case some life-changing surgery. But look at Nick Vijicic's story in the video below, and it's crystal clear to know that overcoming difficulty is not only possible, it can be joyful as well. Check it out - it is well worth the five minutes of your time investment. When you're done, check out Nick's website.

Be sure to check out
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A Dived Ref said...

People tell me how sorry they are that I have BC. Strange really as they didn't give it to me.

There are always people far worse off than yourself and far more inspirational. This sort of thing just makes me very thankful I have what I have and I am getting better.

You tend to live with what you have but when you whinge about things it is always good to watch or read something like this and suddenly life doesn't seem so bad after all. He is very special isn't he?

Steve Kelley said...

Indeed he is. Nick serves as a living illustration of the old Persian proverb, "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." And in Nick's case, the man with no feet is not crying at all - he's joyful, and he shows us the proper attitude to pursue!