2nd BCG Maintenance Series (1 of 3) - January 29, 2009

The Biohazard Man is back, and feeling kind of... OK. Based on my experience last time with 1/3 BCG dose, I was expecting this one to be a cake walk. It was not, but it was MUCH easier than the full or half doses before. I wonder if I really got the right dosage last time. No matter. A few things were different (and more disgusting) this time, so to protect our more sensitive readers the details have been relegated to the Series 2 Backup Page (7/10 on the gross-out scale). I have created a "misery index" to help compare each time, and while it's completely subjective, it might help to explain how I'm feeling. The scale-up duration is measured from the onset of symptoms to the peak, after which it tapers off. While the taper off is still miserable, knowing it will be better each time rather than worse takes all of the edge off. I also rate the peak misery on a 1-10 scale. I have never experienced a 10, and I hope that I never will. Here's how it shakes out comparing the last three to this one:

Series 1 (1 of 3) Misery
scale-up duration 2.25 hours, peak 8/10
Series 1 (2 of 3) Misery
scale-up duration 4.00 hours, peak 9/10
Series 1 (3 of 3) Misery
scale-up duration under 1 hour, peak 1/10


Series 2 (1 of 3) Misery
scale-up duration 2.25 hours, peak 4/10

I decided after sleeping on it that the words above don't really capture the difference well, especially for visual people (like me). So I came up with a BCG Relative Misery graph that appears to do the trick. Hopefully it's more clear now! I shall continue to collect data and post updates on the
Series 2 Backup Page as progress continues.

So now you can quickly tell it was not awful this go-around, bu
t not nearly as easy as the last time.
In other news, the diet and exercise continue. Though we need to be more careful on the diet. And I still hate the exercise. Will try to get equipment to do it at home, which will allow me to do it in the morning and get it over with while also reducing the logistics and associated time wasted (going to the gym, changing, changing back, leaving the gym, second shower, etc.)

In still other news, what every Biohazard Man needs is a good Biohazard Chick. So that's why we have the picture at right. In the interest of full disclosure, Mrs. Biohazard is not happy about this at all, as she fears you all will think this is her (it isn't), and she is much more attractive than the girl in the photo (certainly true, apologies to the model). But since Mrs. Biohazard was unwilling to pose for a risque photo of this nature, we are left with what we can find on the internet...

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