Judgment Day 2017: CANCER FREE for 9 Years Now! - April 17, 2017

Due to some complex travel plans, we are about 3 weeks earlier than last year for Judgment Day. The setting is the same, Spring in Utah, and the day is nice, if not as bright as last year - to be expected for April rather than May. Last year I did not even think about the cysto at all, not even the day it happened, working on business finances for month-end closing until about an hour before the procedure. That was a big mistake. Relaxation was not achieved, and the recovery period was much longer than it should have been. This year would be different!

This year I avoided doing anything financial (despite being the day before Tax Day) and kept the business work superficial. And I deliberately spent time starting 4 hours prior to the scope doing relaxation, deep breathing, meditation and prayer. Time well invested!

The 25 minute drive to the office was uneventful, and the check-in was routine. The waiting room was packed, and even though we were shown to the exam room quickly, it was a while. Dr. Hopkins breezed in at 2:50 for my 2:00 appointment.  Not much had changed, except Dr. Hopkins has a few more grey hairs, I have a few less hairs of any color, and I had shed about 50 pounds. The Doc was looking svelte as well.  Lidocaine and scope, assisted by deep breathing exercises, was fast and painless.  Outcome was as hoped for - ALL CLEAR.  Wine and fancy snacks to celebrate.  BCGs to begin in 15 days or so, details to follow!


Dennis Walker said...

Steve, that is great news! Celebrate! You have earned it. Enjoy your trip.

Elaine12 said...

Steve, great news and always a big relief! Time to celebrate! I was "all clear" in March for 4 years now. I travel to Dr. Lamm in Arizona for the BCG treatments as I had a severe reaction during the induction series and my urologist would never again give me BCG. I contacted Dr. Lamm and he custom does the BCG with a reduced dose. It works for me and the side effects are minimal. He says it still does the trick as it boosts my immune system. Just got back from 3 weeks in Arizona which I will continue to do until I reach year 6 and then will go every other year.

Would really like to know what "routines" you still adhere to now that you are 9 years out. Would you be interested in posting a blog update as to what you do now? I discovered your blog 3 years ago and it made a huge impact on me. Thank you for all the work and information you put into it as I read and reread all the posts. Hope the BCG treatments go well for you and that you enjoy your travels.

Enjoying life and retirement,

A Dived Ref said...

Great news Steve, I just had my cysto today - all clear once again which is very encouraging. Absolutely delighted to hear that you continue to keep well and clear. Thoughts and prayers for the upcoming BCGS.