Something Old and Something New - October 22, 2015

Baking soda - it's the bomb!  Or so we thought until Julie T. in Illinois had a recurrence scare a couple of months ago.  I was confident her TURBT would produce benign results.  I was very confident, because Julie T. is one of the few who uses baking soda daily as a preventative for cancer recurrence.  And the final results are in.  Microscopic analysis of the biopsies taken during her TURBT showed an unusual thickening of some cells in the bladder wall, but no cancer at all.  And 3 months later her latest cysto has showed ALL CLEAR again.  So perhaps baking soda IS the bomb after all.

Something OLD - Julie sent an article about Dr. Otto Warburg, the man who discovered cancer.  He also noted that cancer cells thrive without oxygen, and that excess oxygen and an alkaline environment make it impossible for cancer to live, but easy for healthy, normal cells to thrive.  He also had other ideas about health and disease, some of which have proved to be incorrect.  A quick glance at Amazon shows now many books ranting about government and agency lies and conspiracies, stating that baking soda cures cancer and everyone has known it for 100 years.  But the info was suppressed for whatever reason.  I am not a fan of hand waving and accusation, and I feel these hype-books do more harm than good.  The facts are simple - and the answer is simple, and most people I know refuse to believe that something so simple can be true.  Trust me (and Julie T. and a few others) - Baking Soda taken once or twice daily on an EMPTY stomach is cheap and effective.  It is good for those who have cancer, those who HAD cancer, and those who have not yet had the displeasure.  I am literally betting my life on it.  Bottom line - it won't hurt you and it might well save you, so why the hell not?

Something NEW - John B. in Minnesota has access to all the latest tech via his medical team.  The new kid on the cystoscopy block is now blue light.  Purportedly blue light combined with a chemical agent is better at revealing bladder tumors visually.  You can read a brief summary of the process HERE.  Even better, below is a video in which John B.'s own doctor explains the process.  Enjoy!

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