More on Urine pH, Acidity, Alkilinity and Bladder Health - September 1, 2012

After publishing my last post, I received several emails from around the world.  Many are eager to begin monitoring their urine, and Sebastian in Argentina has noted microhematuria (microscopic blood in his urine) as well as acidic conditions.  He will be sending me his data to tabulate along with my own.  And Julie T. in Illinois had a story quite similar to John M's.  Her report in her own words follows:

From what I have read, cancer cells are anaerobic. They thrive in situations where there is little oxygen and lots of acid. Highly acidic food and stress are common culprits for causing a body to become acidic. The acidity in your blood has very little wiggle room, but the acidity level in your urine and saliva can vary greatly. I started testing my urine with the test strips and found that I was off the charts acidic (7 is neutral). I was at a 5.5 or below almost always. I used my husband as a control and made him test his urine also. We eat most of the same foods, and he eats a lot more unhealthy "junk food" (crap) than I do. His urine always showed a neutral to mildly alkaline reading (7-7.5) without doing a thing to control it. I started to drink baking soda & water every night before I went to bed (1 teaspoon to about 10 oz of water, equivalent to approx 1 gram per 300ml). I figured it would neutralize my urine and stay in my bladder overnight. I became somewhat obsessed with testing every time I urinated. It was amazing how the acidity level would fluctuate so dramatically during the day! I also started to notice that I could sense a "gritty" feeling in my bladder - the best way to describe it was like sand. If I would test when I had that feeling, I would find that my urine was very acidic. If I then drank the baking soda & water, the feeling would go away within 30 minutes.
I also started paying attention to diet and looked for trigger foods - things that I would eat that would correlate with acidic urine. Wine is something I love dearly, and wine would test acidic for me every time. I started drinking a baking soda chaser after each glass of wine to offset the "gritty" feeling and acidic condition. Foods that are typically acidic seemed to be the triggers, for example: cantaloupe. Sometimes I would need to drink 2 or 3 glasses of baking soda & water per day of to keep the urine pH level up to a 7 or higher. I have now learned to know what my acidic food triggers are, and if I am going to have them, I need to counteract their acidic effect with baking soda & water. I also drink 1 glass of baking soda & water at night, and I have become very attuned to feelings in my body. 

I also read the book Eat Right 4 Your Type - very insightful! I have Type O blood, and the book reports that people with type O blood tend to be more acidic then others. The book also pointed out foods that would react negatively with the antigens in the blood. Another interesting point was that people with O blood tend to not be overly affected by cancer. 

Like John M. I feel my spiritual life has been strengthened more than I ever thought possible. I have become very prayerful every day and can actually feel the love, support, and prayers other send my way. I know that God is watching out for me and giving me the strength I need to live every day. 

I have started seeing both Naturopath and Homeopathic doctors. Both work in tandem with one another. They have prescribed shots of mistletoe twice a week in my stomach, and I think they are working. The shots are the only thing that made my headaches from the BCG go away and eliminate my fever after a month. I have also started brewing and drinking a fermented drink called kombucha. It is supposed to put your body back in balance, and I have to say that I feel FANTASTIC! I have always been active, but never before like I am now. I also gave up coffee a few months ago and don't even miss it - or need it to get out of bed. 

I have three boys ages 14 ,11, & 5 - plus I work full time as a professor, so I need all the extra help and energy I can get! I finally feel like things are starting to get back in balance. Hopefully my November cysto will demonstrate that my bladder agrees!

I hope that you find Julie's story as compelling as I do, and that you will consider measuring and controlling your urine pH along with me.


TK said...

Fascinating post of great interest to me. While I don't have bladder cancer, I have kidney stones. Many believe lemon or lime juice reduces the recurrence of stones - so guess what I've been doing. Think I'll go check my urine...

Mike Reid said...

How had your health been with bladder cancer? Hope all is still going well..