BCG Series 5 - Second of 3 Treatements - September 25, 2010

While this second treatment was a bit rougher than the second one three months ago, it was over and done faster than last week's. I pursued my own recommended regimen of relaxation, deep breathing, and careful mega-hydration. And I am a bit pleased to report that it worked quite well. Symptoms started earlier and were slightly more severe than last week, which was to be expected. But by 9:30PM I was pretty much fully recovered, and last night I got a decent night's sleep. Next week will be stronger still, but with renewed evidence that my regimen helps, I shall put it behind me quickly!

My Doctor, who normally (and quite unusually) gives the BCG treatments himself, was off houseboating in Lake Powell, resting and relaxing with family and friends.
While good for him, it left me with 3 choices - defer the treatment until Monday and interfere with work (not wise in this economy), have the BCG administered by the incompetent nitwit PA Regan (a non-starter), or set aside decorum and discomfort and have PA Liz give the BCG. I went with option number three. Liz had given me a BCG in 2008, again when the doc was vacationing, and it was awkward but acceptable. So I did some extra deep breathing and went forward with my best attitude. After double-checking and then triple-checking the 1/3 dosage with the nursing staff, I assumed a supine position on an exam table. This time we had been shown to yet another new room in the labyrinth, and this one was noisier (from the street traffic), smaller, and a bit creepier than the others - being furnished with a surgical table and a surgical chair rather than the normal exam tables. More deep breaths were in order.

Liz came in with a professional demeanor and warm smile. Two years of extra practice had truly increased her confidence.
She was quite careful, deliberate, and a bit slow - but every bit professional. She clearly did not recall having treated me before, and I chose not to remind her. While I missed the speed with which Dr. Hopkins normally works, Liz was an apt substitute. Given my lack of paid leave for illness, it is likely I will have to use her in the future for one out of three treatments, so I guess it's all good, if a bit awkward.

The symptom table shows more urinary drama than six months ago, but less headache, body ache, and duration, so all in all I was pleased with the outcome. And even more pleased to feel fine, if a bit tired, just a day later. Disclaimer, it's about 3.5/10 on the nausea scale if you click to enlarge the table below.

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TK said...

Nice example of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in action!
Glad things went better -