How YOU Can Help Someone With Cancer - January 23, 2010

One thing that is very difficult in cancer situations is dealing with the people around you who DON'T have cancer. These folks want first and foremost to know that you are OK, and that you are not about to die. Beyond that, few will want details. Almost all will say, "If there's anything I can do, please let me know!" But nearly everyone will be frustrated, because there is really nothing they can do to help out someone who has cancer - UNTIL NOW! For bladder cancer the help needed is not much - a ride to and from the hospital for TURBTs, maybe some meals at home during recovery. Rides to and from BCG are nice to have, but not fully necessary, and meals during BCG days are not a big priority. And for flexible cystoscopy, even the ride is not really necessary. For other kinds of cancer, especially those involving chemotherapy or radiation, much more help can be provided. Certainly rides to and from treatments and meals for days afterward. And now I have some information on a new group that is doing something really helpful.

Cleaning For A Reason is a non-profit organization that provides one professional house cleaning service per month for up to four months for women undergoing cancer treatments - primarily chemotherapy, but others are considered. The charity is very careful to check that their services are provided to those with legitimate needs. Even so, the demand for their services is so great that they limit the applications to 200 per week - 50 per day on Monday through Thursday. Cancer patients virtually line up to apply during the open windows, and they process about 8 applications per minute until the limit is reached. These statistics can be somewhat discouraging, but they show how deep the need is.

Since few of us bladder cancer patients would need this service, and even fewer of us are women who would qualify, why do I mention it here? Simply because ALL of us can participate in helping cancer patients by supporting this charity! If people ask you what they can do to help, a donation here provides direct help in the most practical way - professional house cleaning. So I encourage you to check out the Cleaning for a Reason Website HERE, and see if you can encourage yourself or your friends by providing them this opportunity to give some real help to some that are suffering through cancer treatments. If you have a cleaning service or know somebody who does, more affiliates are needed all over the US and Canada. Please take a few minutes and check out this wonderful opportunity!

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Kathiesbirds said...

That's a nice Shout Out Steve! Someone sent me an email about this. The word is getting around.