Acapulco Vacation - 25 September 2008

No medical news unless you count having a great time in Acapulco, Guerrereo, Mexico this week. We took a private tour yesterday and saw spectacular city views, had a great lunch, and even saw the famous cliff divers. As dated and touristy as it was, these guys were still impressive to even the most jaded viewer. Prices for most things are low and all the locals are very friendly and glad to see us in the off season. Beer (cerveza) and tequila (El Jimador) consumption have been pretty high, and the weather has been awesome - upper 80s during the day and mid 70s at night. Rain has been pretty much limited to the evenings. Very tropical and muggy. Here are a few pictures to look at. Click on any one for an enormous version. .


Kathiesbirds said...

You are all looking pretty "beachy" there! Was that you diving off the cliff Steve? LOL! Glad you are home safe!

Steve Kelley said...

Correct. I was the one in the tightest Speedo!